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Confianza Ciega

In another super luxurious resort located in one of the most stunning natural resources of the world... Surronded by exotic wildlife, winding streams and amazing sunsets... A hidden place... The wildest TV show... NOW MADE IN ARGENTINA. Available to be produced for 3 countries. Best mounths: October to April.

Blind Faith is the real-life soap where three couples are separated from each other for 16 days. The three men are placed in a luxury villa in the most wildest place of South America and waited on hand and foot, while they spend their days (and possibly nights) with six of the most stunning wommen they have ever seen. Their other halves receive similar treatment, while spending time with six incredibly handsome, attentive men. It's a test, a holiday and a romantic adventure all rolled into one. But the only way to get through it is to have Blind Faith

Original Title:
Blind Faith

Reality Show

Prime Time - Weekly

Canal 9

Local and Foreing Countries